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    Vanessa C

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Vanessa and I am working with Yukon documentary filmmaker Carol Geddes on a film about the black soldiers who worked on the Alcan. Ms. Geddes is a Tlingit director who has worked extensively with the National Film Board in Canada and has directed many films.

    We are both Yukoners who are very interested in bringing this fascinating story to the screen, which up to now still remains unknown and uncelebrated. We hope the film will shed light on the segregation/racism, harsh conditions, and other challenges faced by these soldiers, as well as their incredible achievements, perseverance, and hard work.

    I am so excited to find this website and read about the individuals who worked on the highway. We are eager to find men who served, or their family members, who would be interested in sharing stories of working on the highway with us. I hope to connect with some of you!

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    My story is very simple. One of the soldiers is my Grand-Uncle. We never even knew he was here. Communication was limited due to the distance and my family’s limited education being black sharecroppers in the deep south. Please let me know how I may be able to help privately.

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