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    Paul Erlam

    Hi Dennis and Chris.
    I wonder if you and your readers, can help me solve a Whitehorse Star mystery?

    First a little background.

    After working at the Whitehorse Star for five years my father, Bob, bought the business in 1966 when the then publisher decided to go to law school. Along with a Main Street building full of printing presses and he also acquired a large closet full of Star newspapers. Some of these were nicely bound together, some stuffed in paper bags, some tied up with string and many just piled haphazardly on top of each other.

    He took it upon himself to go through the whole stack and sort the issues chronologically. When that was done he divided the result into separate years of publication then sent them all out to be professionally bound in Vancouver. What he ended up with was a yearly diary of Whitehorse, and area, from 1900 to 1966.

    In one of the rooms at the Star he built a wall of shelves especially sized for the yearly volumes and local historians soon learned they were welcome to come into the Star and browse through the issues and take notes.

    One day two men came in. They told Bob they had worked on the highway during the War and wanted to research the year they had been in Whitehorse. Bob said sure and showed them the bound newspapers. He then left and when he returned an hour later the two men were gone – and so was the bound volume for 1943. And it hasn’t been seen since!

    So the question I hope your readers can answer is not who took it, that really doesn’t matter, but where is it now?

    All the other volumes have since been housed in a fireproof, climate controlled enclosure at the Yukon Archives in Whitehorse and it would be wonderful to have the collection complete again. To this day the Whitehorse Star (now a daily paper) continues to have its issues bound, by years, and deposited in the Archives.

    The Star was weekly in 1943 so the missing volume consists of 52 issues, from January complete through the end of December, bound together in a stiff, deep-maroon coloured binding. The words “Whitehorse Star (or Whitehorse Weekly Star) 1943” are printed down the spine in gold ink.

    Has anyone seen it?
    Here’s hoping.
    To give some idea of what these volumes look like I have attached a photo of my father preparing some of them to be transferred to Yukon archives. Note gold ink on spine of volumes at right.

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