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    Dennis McClure

    A couple of weeks ago I created a topic.  It was inspired by my effort to help Chris create a story about the Chaplain of the 93rd Engineers–a truly extraordinary man.  We know little about him, so the story was hard to create–it cried out for an application of imagination along with the facts of history.  And that caused me consternation.

    Two things came out of that.  First, I received come encouraging replies that confirmed my feeling that men like Captain Austin needed to have their stories included.  And if we had to make assumptions and guesses as to details, then so be it–especially if the fact that these were assumptions was made very clear.

    Second, I screwed up when I created the topic and we have been fighting one person’s inability to post replies every since.


    Today we posted the story of another man who really needed to have his story told–Sgt Ashel Honesty.  And I’m creating a new topic that, if Ken is able to post to it, will ultimately replace the other one.

    What a tangle web we weave when once we endeavor to create and maintain a website.

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    Ken Dahl

    So teaching is an art, just like this website. Truth is more than what bean-counters do–sometimes you’ve got to tell people how smooth or pockmarked the beans probably were, how richly colored or how drab.

    Of course, I know this teacher who’s posted above, this Kirsten. I try to imagine her wry and petulant 5-year-old face on this 40-something body I imagine she has now.

    And it’s not just the faces of the 93rd guys we need to imagine, but also the faces of those who write in with stories they heard from Grampa.

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    Ken Dahl

    I just saw on Facebook a photo of a Korean War vet holding a hand-printed sign, asking if anyone knows his war buddy, so-and-so. It’s a “share” thing, and this one seems to be getting “shared” pretty far and wide.
    Is anyone on this site Facebook-savvy? Anyone know how to maybe rig up a share photo with a plea to find grandchildren or children of guys from the 93rd?
    Going viral on Facebook could be amazing.
    But to break out of the circle of friends and relatives, you need someone who really knows how to make something go viral.
    Presumably then not some geezer like me. Or you.
    Though some geezer input might be helpful–I wonder if some veterans’ organizations have had any success doing something like this? If they’ve come up with any tricks? If they’ve already got some old-boy networks going?

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    Ken Dahl

    I just googled the following: >black soldiers alcan highway<

    This website showed up only on page 9. Does anyone know how to move that appearance up closer to page 1? If this website is going to lasso descendants of the 93rd, it’s got to get onto the first couple google pages. Nobody sticks with google to page 9.

    Incidentally, there was some interesting stuff on those first 8 pages, incl., on page 1, a host of photos.

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