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    General/President Ulysses S. Grant is/was arguably THE greatest military mind we’ve ever been lucky enough to have. 79 years before “the road,” Grant thought that blacks were supremely qualified to be combat soldiers. Consider this passage (p. 298-299) from “Grant” by Ron Chernow (the 4th and best Grant bio I’ve read):
    >Far from questioning their (blacks’) ability, Grant extolled them, telling Halleck that “negro troops are easier to preserve discipline among than our White troops and I doubt not will prove equally good for garrison duty. All that have been tried have fought bravely.” Grant had gotten religion on the issue. “I am anxious to get as many of these negro regiments as possible and to have them full and completely equipped,” he told Lorenzo Thomas. “The large amount of arms and equipment captured here will enable me to equip these regiments as rapidly as they can be formed.” Grant’s conversion to this cause reflected his common-sensical approach to things: he had tested and observed black troops and was honest enough to credit their high-caliber performance.<

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