340th Regiment

340th Regiment History

The rapidly expanding Corps of Engineers, activated the 340th Regiment at Vancouver Barracks in March of 1942, ‘seeding it’ with a small cadre of officers from the 18th Combat Engineer Regiment.

On March 9, sixty-two enlisted men from Fort Francis E. Warren joined them and in short order several hundred more arrived from Fort Leonard Wood.  By April 1 Colonel Russell Lyons, their commander, had a full complement of officers and men, and the 340th was already loading supplies and what equipment they had for shipment north.

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340th Military Personnel

The 340th Engineers was a new regiment activated at Vancouver Barracks, Washington on 5 March 1942. The nucleus of this unit was a cadre of seven officers and 72 enlisted men from the 18th Combat Engineers who arrived on 9 March 1942. Another cadre of 62 enlisted men from Ft. Francis E. Warren also arrived on 9 March of 42. The Remainder of officers and men arrived from Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri during the later part of March. Colonel F. Russel Lyons,age 52 and a civil engineer graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y, arrived March 27, 1942 as their Commanding Officer.

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340th Route

The 340th Regiment landed in Skagway on April 25th.  One battalion went to Whitehorse and the other battalion stayed in Skagway until after the Dutch Harbor bombing in early June.  Late May the ice broke and the battalion in Whitehorse steamed up Teslin Lake to Morley Bay.  The second battalion arrived in Carcross and marched 73 miles over a pioneer road the 93rd had built and then boarded barges and made their way to Morley Bay.  From this point on the 93rd and the 340th were entwined during their construction of the road to Teslin and Lower Post.

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