We Fought the Road

In September Epicenter Press released our book, We Fought the Road. In it we focus on the experience of one segregated black regiment to tell the epic story of the men, especially the black men, who suffered and struggled, in 1942, to build the  great Alaska-Canada Highway.

We Fought the Road is out there in time for Black History Month, and this year’s theme is “African Americans in Times of War”.

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From Epicenter’s press release:

We Fought the Road is the story of the construction of the Alaska-Canada Highway during World War II.  More than one third of the 10,607 builders were black, thought by many of their white commanders to be incapable of performing on a war front.  Their task–which required punching through the wilderness on a route blocked by the Rocky Mountains and deadly permafrost during one of the worst winters on record–has been likened to the building of the Panama Canal.

Unlike most accounts that focus on the road’s military planners, We Fought the Road is boots-on-the-ground and often personal, based in part on letters from the “Three Cent Love Affair”–the successful courtship via mail discovered in the authors’ family papers.

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  1. Congratulations! Books last; websites don’t. And nowadays with Kindle, no book ever goes out of print. You guys spent a long time and lots of effort on this baby–and it doesn’t need to be diapered! Again, congratulations!

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